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Scott M.  Lask

Scott M. Lask

Owner & Chief Investment Officer

Scott Lask is the Chief Investment Officer and Owner of the Scott Lask Wealth Management Group. Scott began working in financial services as a financial consultant in 1983 at Shearson American Express. Prior to starting the Scott Lask Wealth Management Group in 2004, Scott was a financial advisor for several different companies. Scott is a member of The Hudson Valley Estate Planning Council.
He holds certification from the Dorsey Wright & Associates Broker Institute and Advanced Broker Institute for successful completion of training in advanced point and figure methodology. Scott’s specialties are Risk Management, Retirement Income Solutions, Portfolio Construction, Family Wealth Advisory services, setting client goals; and is a frequent speaker for groups and organizations and continuing education seminars.

Scott is the proud father of 1 girl and 2 boys and grateful husband. He balances his work and family life with service to community in various organizations, such as the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan Counties, and Independent Living.

became a financial advisor because I love helping people I care about. To inspire them and get them to a place where they are highly confident and happy with their wealth management program and not stressing out with the ups and downs of the stock market. This is as much an Art as it is Science helping clients have hope and joy from their wealth management programs.

Creating successful wealth management programs for my clients is one of the most fulfilling privileges in my life. It is as thrilling to me as when I was a musician seeing the audience totally rocked out from my music!

Life, research studies and my experience as a financial advisor have taught me and my team, that the most effective way to help my clients is through a wealth management program that:

  1. Respects the source of your wealth
  2. Reflect your goals and values; and
  3. Overcomes your past Wall Street struggles

I help my clients in this effective and hope-inducing way by first starting with a deep conversation to understand each of these three key areas, but more importantly, how each client really feels about them. This is so important because institutions and individuals don’t achieve market returns because of emotions that cause them to make decisions that prevent them from having their wealth. Our quest is to bring hope and joy to them instead of stress and dread!

Before our initial, no obligation talk is over, each of us will know whether we are right for each other.